call me a safe bet im betting im not meaning what you say

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Call me a safe bet im betting im not meaning what you say binary options strategy profitable

Call me a safe bet im betting im not meaning what you say

Every picture you paint I will paint myself out. It's cold as a tomb and its dark in your room when I sneak to your bed to pour salt on your wounds. So call it quits or get a grip. You say you wanted a solution, you just wanted to be missed. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes on you can forget.

So you can forget. You are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold. Pale white like the skin stretched over your bones. Spring keeps you ever close, you are second hand smoke. You are so fragile and thin, standing trial for your sins. Holding on to yourself the best you can. You are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my veins. When I hear this song, I hear a story about a man who wronged a woman, or more specifically a lover.

In the first stanza, we have the writer talking about how he is sorry. He writes how he will do anything if it makes you less sad. In the second stanza he writes about how he should grow up "I'll grow old and start acting my age", and it will be a brand new day that you hate, which I would argue that he caused. He then writes the chorus "Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not.

You think I'm safe but I'm really not, and I hope you won't remember how bad I hurt you. He then goes into the next stanza, which follows the same pattern as the first one. He gives more insight into how sorry he really is, that he's willing to paint himself out of the picture totally if it would make her happier. It then seems with this next stanza he goes into a different direction from the rest of the song.

He writes that its cold and dark in your tomb-like room, he will sneak in and make the wounds hurt even more. It seems he wants her to figure out what she wants, he says to either give it up, or take control so that she can get over it instead of reflecting on it.

And I think it means no matter if he changes and everything is different he can't change that the relationship is failing and she hates it. Say you wanted a solution. You just wanted to be missed. I think also she wanted him to still love her, have the great memories for her own concious to help her self esteem.

She wanted to be that important to his life. That's why she's trying to end on good terms - solution. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget Or hurt her. He's wanting her to think of him in the best way too. He doesn't want to part on bad terms. He obviously feels guilty about something. I think that's what the entire song is about. That's why he does all that stuff for her. He's not intentially trying to hurt himself - but by being with her he is.

He knows that but he feels helpless against it. Okay this is about him dumping a girl for no reason. He named it because of the way he used to shoot a basketball. Very simple. I think this song is about how Jesse's own shortcomings or betrayals led to the down fall of this particular relationship. This song is about how he broke up with his girlfriend and it ended up hurting him. The shot isn't referring to him getting shot but him shooting.

When he was younger he played basketball and his dad called him "the boy who blocked his own shot" because he shot the basketball in a way that made him block his own shot which didn't help him. Through the song he implied how he should have been the one that was hurt not his girlfriend. I agree with the family issue idea.. Ok this one is simple. It is about a relationship with a bad breakup in which he did something horrible that he feels bad for.

Although he feels bad he has no more feelings for the person and wishes only to at the most be friends but is uncaring of what happens. Throughout the relationship the girl always refered to him as something great and a "safe bet" although he knew he wasn't and then he ruined everything. It's definitely about a failed relationship. The guy in the song has had bad relationships in the past where he is thought of as a "safe bet" but he doesn't think he is.

He's hurt a lot by the girls he dates so he gives up and decides that its not worth it anymore to keep trying with someone who thinks of him nothing more as a fall back plan when any other relationships she has fail. He loves the girl while the girl only wants him for the sake of having a boyfriend. Okay, this is not a response song to John Nolan, the response song to him is secondary off your favorite weapon. This song is about a failed relationship though.

Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Login Create Account. Tagged: Fear and Insecurity [suggest]. I hope you find out what you want. I already know what I am.

And if it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again. And you can tell me how vile I already know that I am. I'll grow old and This interpretation has been marked as poor. Tlk2themaninchrj 1 2 3 4 5. Submit Your Interpretation. Your phone number:. Song name.

Lyrics submitted by XBeautifulLetdownX.

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Call me a safe bet im betting im not meaning what you say Jughead nods, but looks sad. Holding on to yourself the best you can. Although he feels bad he has no more feelings for the person and wishes only to at the most be friends but is uncaring of what happens. You're so fragile and have to pay for your mistakes. The title speaks to him sabotaging the relationship with his self-doubt and self-hatred. Mad props, girl! Holding Onto Yourself the Best You can 9.
Sevilla vs malaga betting expert free It's far too much of a coincidence. You believe it too, right? User does not exist. She was talking at ten months old, walking too, and her mom worked with her so much at home that she knew how to read before first grade even started. I want us to do it the right way.

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Betty puts her arms through the black and white flannel and lets Jughead drag her out of the diner. When they hit the street Betty tugs on his hand to pull them to a halt. She nods before getting up on her tiptoes to kiss him quickly. Did you give her the letters I sent?

Is she okay? Where is she? Betty feels her fists close, but manages to resist the urge to dig her nails in. So what, you just—you told a seventeen year old girl to pick between her boyfriend and her strict parents and expected the outcome to go in your favor? A choice that felt like mine, but was really orchestrated by you? Like everything in this family always is? I learned so much this summer, Mom, so much and parts of it were overwhelming in the best way, but most of the time I just wanted to be here.

But I was gone because I felt like I had to do this internship to please you, to have an opportunity you never did, to never let you down. She chose that horrid family over her own flesh and blood. Give it up for adoption, have an abortion? And you are going on the pill!

You disconnected her phone, probably took all her electronics, did you even let her pack a bag, or did you just throw her out on the porch? Or did Polly break the image of the perfect Cooper family and it was a necessary evil to save face? She shakes her head before ascending the steps two at a time, her hands in fists. In the throes of executing a full-on teenage tantrum she slams the door behind her, and squeezes her eyes shut.

How could they just turn their backs on her like that? Disowned her just like that? Tears stream down her face as she muffles the sobs into her knees. Moved out? Into that horrible castle they call Thornhill? That is a place ghost stories are made of. Polly used to hold a flashlight to her chin under a blanket and tell Betty stories that made her almost wet the bed.

One more year before Polly left home for college. One more year together doing makeovers and giggling about their boyfriends. One more year of eating junk food during their periods and crying over stupid Lifetime movies. You go and experience everything you can.

This is chance for you to get out from under their thumb like I always wanted. Polly said they would talk every day, and for about a month they did. They spoke once a day and sometimes even Facetimed, even if just for a few minutes. She called and there was no answer. She called again and again still with no answer. Then, the next morning her phone was disconnected. Her Facebook deactivated.

Her Instagram and Twitter silent. Betty asked her parents what was going on, but was stonewalled every time. She wrote letters, asked Jug and Archie to look for her, to pass along messages, but they never saw her. Her letters went unanswered. Another phone number never supplied. Her parents deflected every question, gave her vague no-nonsense answers, and it was enough that Betty gave up.

Her parents kicked her out, told her to choose between them and her child, and she chose the baby growing inside her. It was a picture Kevin took of him, her hands squishing his cheeks together. He hated the picture, but she adored it. Betty scoots away from the door and leans against the sink so he can get in. Betty melts into his chest and lets herself finally really cry. She did the right thing, the same thing I would have done in that position.

Makeup is probably streaking down her face, and after crying so hard she has a headache, plus feels gross from traveling. Betty opens her mouth, but he cuts her off before she even begins. Betty shakes her head at him. She smiles weakly, then just holds her arms up like a little kid. Jughead takes the hint and slips her shirt off.

He closes the shower door behind him and Betty pulls him under the warm spray, their hair becoming matted to both their heads, and goosebumps breaking out over their skin. So many things had changed when Betty was gone. It made her wish she never went to Boston, never left when things at home were so fragile, apparently in more ways than one.

Polly was unreachable, for now. Thornhill was serious business, it even had security, and just showing up was last on the list of her ideas for how to get in contact with Polly. Her and Jug were likely to be strip searched or just thrown out on their asses, hopefully the latter in all honesty. But the situation with Archie and Jug? That was tangible, that was something she could fix, because boys are stupid and Archie is so much more easily crackable than Jughead. He reaches across the table and squeezes her hand.

You must have freaked. He has a great voice, which she is aware of since she has continued the joy of overhearing him belt out boyband songs when their windows are open. I have a million extra-curriculars, you have sports and girls, and Jughead has me and his isolation stuff, but we always managed to get together. Even if it meant we were all just sitting in the same room quietly because we have stuff going on.

She was going to be vocal and use her words and learn to cope better like her and Jug talked about. Or, started talking about at least. Our friendship is a priority; believe me when I say that. Betty turns and sees a brunette around their age entering the diner. The girl looks over at the two of them and, of course, Archie is still mesmerized. The girl smiles. She should have known, or at least guessed. The school called her two days ago. The timeline is going to slow for the time being because I have a good bit planned for them at these ages and it's when we see them on the show, so, yeah.

Plain text with limited HTML? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. So, please, read, review, and enjoy.

Who knows what went down when the two strong-willed Cooper girls finally blew up at one another? She blinks and thinks her mind is playing tricks on her. In Boston, by myself. Usually I have Polly or Kevin.

Remind me. Betty shivers, but says nothing as his eyes take in the sight. Betty runs her hands up and down his bare sides and leans in to his hold. He slides his hands down her legs, pulling them further apart. No, flying. Betty feels a light blanket come over her and Jughead cuddle up next to her.

When Betty comes-to Jughead is rubbing her back and periodically kissing behind her ear. He nods in agreement, his on lips wrapped around the red and white straw. It was unique. I know where you live. Why are you and Archie not talking? Your mom has cake waiting. How come I get the full name treatment? Betty considers his tired face and sighs. You have my word. For now. They were supposed to have one more year. She was to be home in a month, they would figure it out then. He answers after one ring.

How could they just let Polly go? Notes: The timeline is going to slow for the time being because I have a good bit planned for them at these ages and it's when we see them on the show, so, yeah. Welcome to the fun, Veronica Lodge ; lemme know your thoughts!!

Post Comment Note: All fields are required. I already know what I am. And if it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again. And you can tell me how vile I already know that I am. I'll grow old and start acting my age.

I'll be a brand new day in a life that you hate. A crown of gold. A heart that's harder than stone. And it hurts a whole lot, but it's missed when it's gone. Call me a safe bet. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget. If it makes you less sad, I'll move out of the state. You can keep to yourself.

I'll keep out of your way. And if it makes you less sad, I'll take your pictures all down. Every picture you paint, I will paint myself out. It's cold as a tomb, and it's dark in your room, when I sneak to your bed to pour salt in your wounds.

So call it quits or get a grip. Say you wanted a solution. You just wanted to be missed.

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