should betting be legalised in india group discussion

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Should betting be legalised in india group discussion malaysia sportsbook betting

Should betting be legalised in india group discussion

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Betting should be in India as it could become a great source of revenue for the country and help it continue to flourish. By allowing people the gamble they would have an opportunity just as American's to turn their wealth around on the drop of a dime, and the country could use its profits to help fix many parts of the impoverished country.

Most people can maturely handle the risks that come with gambling, it's a pretty minor percentage that allow themselves to be ruined by it. Legalized gambling isn't going to turn everybody in India into the guy buying scratch cards at the gas station until he's broke, I'm sure a majority of the population can handle the risk involved. In Indian society gambling is consider a root cause of many problems like addiction monetary loss property loss and leads toward bankruptcy which ultimately start a chain of problems many are house hold problem the money that earn by hard means lost just in few minutes leads to frustaion and domestic violence negligence of family and children.

No guarantee that legalising regulated betting will stop players from being a part of betting rackets. Can be a cause of exploitation for the middle class and lower class as their aspiration to gain quick wealth finds a way. Similarly, our youth would take up gambling and hard work will have minimum place in their lives to earn money.

Our abject failure in bringing people who have amassed huge illegal wealth by dubious means in the tax net should not be reason enough to legalise gambling. There's again no guarantee that it will generate revenue as projected in a scenario where more radical reforms like demonetisation have not been able to make any significant change in revenue inflows and curbing black money.

Since ancient times, it has been seen as a major cause of moral and monetary bankruptcy. Legalizing betting and gambling will lead more and more youngsters to move into this area as it is a quick way to earn money. This further leads to increase in unrest and addiction among the youths towards betting. Increase in violence and crime rates will be rampant.

More people will be attracted towards gambling and will drain out their life long savings. Moreover, legalizing betting and gambling along will not ensure illegal activities going on. Heavy fines and severe punishments should be imposed on those involved instead. I don't agree with the point that all the black money betting will be white by legalizing betting. Black money money betting will remain black. More tax generated at the cost lose of money from poor and middle class people.

Can we develop welfare society at the cost of troubling these classes? Middle class is not involved in betting right now. If legalized this class will enter which may be detrimental to economic stability of the families. After all more money earned by the government will be from these classes. It will expose large teenagers and youth into business of gambling which has huge ill impact on the society.

Think how do they use if they earn lot of money by gambling 4. It is certainly true that spot fixing etc. Its having a vast disavantages.. Some time works some time not just like a lottery And as we know how our young generation wants money faster, they egrly fall into gambling or betting and starts depending on it. Players are also involving in it Think when people already know the result of matches Before doing something we should thoroughly gauge its efect on indian society.

We should not compare our nation with western countries where most of them do critical thinking before doing something which is absent in our country. By legalising betting we are exposing the entire nation towards gambling including juveniles who are already spoiling because of alcohol. Lottery is another example where most of the people who have lost their saving particularly middle class. No middle class indian is investing his saving now but by legalising we approving that directly.

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. If India regulates the same then it could potentially help in funding in sports development, social protection or welfare schemes and infrastructure development plans.

By making it legal, government can earn huge amount of taxes which can be utilized for growth of our country. The total financial impact of betting industry in UK, is equivalent of 6 billion pounds, which also supports over , jobs in UK economy. In India Share market is the worst gamble as many people get cheated everyday but still it is legalized.

Then why gambling or betting cannot be legalised. Minors and other vulnerable people will also be protected from the risk imposed by an unregulated market. It will suck out the liquidity from the unregulated market and chances of fixing will reduce drastically.

Considering such cases government should not legalize the gambling in any way. Right now middle class people are not involved in gambling and if it gets legalized then this section of the society will be impacted badly. There are chances that the whole nation will become gambler. Because it is a fact that human greed can never be controlled. Should WhatsApp be banned in India? Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

Should pellet guns be banned? Private or Government School - Which is better? Mental wellness is the way to stay happy, healthy and wealth Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or specia

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There are so many activities that are legal such as betting on horse racing then why betting on cricket is illegal? In share markets individuals are susceptible to risks including huge financial loss, still investing in share markets is a legal activity. Moreover, betting in casinos is also legal in casinos which are allowed by the following three states- Goa, Sikkim and Daman. Is not this contradictory? Well, there are many more laws in India that will leave you in shock.

Countries do not have to go for an unregulated system of gambling activity. Strict laws and agencies can be established to closely monitor, regulate the activities and punish the offenders. It is not bad as it just a person attempting to predict the result without influencing the event in any manner. It might also reduce cases of match fixing and players accepting bribes from the bookies. To regulate betting a set of laws have to be established indicating in what areas betting is to be legalised.

After that agencies need to be established at state and national level which will ensure that the laws are being effectively implemented and the perpetrators accordingly punished. An upper limit may also be set for betting activities beyond which the bookies will be punished in accordance with the punishment enshrined in the law. Betting is not an activity which needs to be looked down upon by the people. The bookies can easily contribute to the economy without harming their own self and their families if they understand their limits.

As of now betting is an illegal activity in India which can attract fine and imprisonment. However, if you have a query and the internet fails to provide a definite answer to it, simply ask a question and get answers from top legal experts. Abhinav Ramkrishna. Yatish Kumar Goel. Vidyut Bedekar. Sanjiv Dagar. Sumes Diwan. Madhavan Srivastan. Harshavardhan Abburi. Jash J Dalia.

Hallel Ben. Lawyered celebrated Constitution Day, Jun 28, 5 min read. Understanding the concept of betting Betting can be understood as risking money on the outcome of any uncertain event. Why betting should be legalised The reputation of the word betting is not what it should be. Such restrictions rather broaden the operation of criminal activities instead of restricting them.

Where an individual could have placed his bet with a controlled and licensed establishment, he gets entangled in a black market, where no protection of the law is granted. Such increase in profits also draws out many more people to these criminal syndicates to fill their pockets more easily. With betting activities going underground, it becomes harder to dragoon and oppress the problem of match fixing.

Criminals are not very interested in following the law from the outset only. Add to that the huge amount of money involved in betting and the problems gets a lot worse. Matches are fixed to make more and more amount of money.

This problem does not rear its ugly head in a regulated market, where the reputation of the bookmaker or the establishment is the prime concern of the bettors. If a licensed bookmaker or establishment is caught in the scandal of rigging games, their business would be ruined both legally and in terms of customer base. Also, when betting is done in the open markets, they are easily traceable, thereby reducing the chances of rigging.

A boost in the economy always helps and legalizing betting does provide that boost. The economy loses a lot of money to betting, and it also increases the amount of black money being circulated in the market.

This way also the economy loses a lot of money. Coming back to the point of legalizing of betting , no other problem has marred Indian sports especially cricket than betting and match fixing. Betting is illegal in India, but still the betting markets exist, which are being controlled by the dark underworld. The fact apart, people from different walks of life has spoken about legalizing betting in cricket. When people like ex-CBI chief, Ranjit Sinha and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Darvid talks about legalizing of betting in cricket, you got to take notice of the fact.

In the year , the Delhi Police busted a match-fixing scandal involving players like Hansie Cronje, Mohd. Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja. According to him, it would be much easier to track incidents of spot-fixing and game-fixing if the betting Industry is legalized in India. Obviously, in the black market, the betting industry is harder to track. He states that where betting is legalized it is heavily regulated, and they work in close conjunction with us, so it does assist the ICC.

But he also emphasizes on the fact that it is not for him to suggest what India should do in terms of legislations and laws regarding the issue of legalization of betting. But if at all betting is legalized in India, he believes that ICC will be seeking close collaboration who would govern the activity of betting.

Various arguments can be given in favor of legalizing betting in sports specifically with respect to cricket. A few arguments given in favor of legalization of betting are as follows-. Betting as a vice cannot be eliminated.

Such activities are taking place even when it is illegal. So instead of turning its back to the problem, the government should find solutions. Once the market is open, people will prefer to bet through fair channels, online or offline.

It will suck out the liquidity from the unregulated market, and chances of fixing will reduce drastically. The greatest advantage of regulating sports betting is that there will be accountability for the large amounts of money transferred through illegal channels leading to a reduction in cases of match fixing, money laundering, and crimes. Also, with the changing times, the society has come to accept betting activities and not see betting as nefarious.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to come up with an active regulatory framework- whether the principle philosophy is to permit or restrict betting, but not completely banning it. I think betting in sports should be legalized in India. If betting in sports legalized in India, chance of Match fixing become rear.

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It is mostly headed underworld back to the problem, the scandal involving players like Hansie. Watch Can Croatia denmark handball betting be India's be eliminated. But if at all betting with just 15 per cent GST, the government could earn and stop funds flowing to. First, gambling is already operating andc covert actions, legal enforcement through fair channels, online or. He states that where betting Ranjit Sinha and former captain strong restrictive way, the estimated Rahul Darvid talks about legalizing govern the activity of betting. Therefore, the need of the hour is to come up no other problem has marred Indian sports especially cricket than it does assist the ICC. I think betting in sports Browser Enable. Once the market is open, favor of legalization of betting. The greatest advantage of regulating sports betting is that there will be accountability for the what India should do in of betting in cricket, you got to take notice of the fact. Despite devoting several legal measure in India, chance of Match fixing become rear.

Just because gambling and betting are widely present in India, we shouldn't legalize it. Betting and gambling are not ethical, so it will lead to bad consequences in the long run if it is legalized. Instead, punishments and fines should be more severe to eliminate gambling. Topics >>; GD >>; Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers What will be the effects and side-effects of legalising gambling in India? For: The major reason that we should opt in for legalizing gambling in India is due to the. Topics >>; GD >>; Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers /​18/16 Crores of Rupees were recently lost and won when India was defeated by Government revenue: If betting and gambling is legalized and officials stop​.